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Social Media

We’ll take the time to get to know your company, research what makes you stand out from the crowd, help define your brand’s engagement goals, and then create a social media plan custom-fit to your company's needs.

  • social media + content strategy

  • social media management

  • ads setup + management

  • campaign development

  • group + community management

  • social media setup

  • follower acquisition

  • influencer engagement

  • event support + live social coverage


As purchase decisions are weighed, consumers today aim to connect with brands on a higher, more personal level than ever before. We’re here to help create powerful, connective content on behalf of your brand and its mission and help navigate how to deliver it most impactfully. 

  • product + event photography

  • blog creation + management

  • copywriting

  • content curation

  • SEO for website + socials

  • email marketing

  • newsletter strategy + management


Reach your target audience and grow your business through strategically placed content and paid ads. We’ll streamline the process and work to outline an effective media plan to grab the interest of consumers across social media platforms and beyond.

  • paid advertising across social and beyond

  • media plan strategy + setup

  • media plan audit

  • media plan reporting


A little brainstorming and guidance is all we need sometimes to help implement fresh ideas and social media marketing strategies. We’ll offer an overview of where you stand today in the world of social media when it comes to marketing your brand. Covering your strengths, opportunities and recommendations for each social network based on your goals and target demographic for your brand.

  • no contract, billed hourly at flat studio rate

Social Media Platforms We Dig

Time to talk stats…



Instagram users take so much action at 75 percent, such as visiting a website, after looking at a brand’s post that they refer to it as "turning passions into purchases." Sounds good, right?

If your products are easy on the eyes then Instagram is a no brainer.



With 2.20 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a social media powerhouse with more users than any other network. 

Facebook is such an important part of daily life that - without a doubt - your customers are here and you should be too.



Pinterest’s evolution from social channel to search engine has it positioned as one of the most promising shopping platforms online for consumer-facing brands.

Ranked 3rd most popular of social channels amongst 200M+ U.S. adults, it’s time to put this platform to work. 



The secret’s out. When we need to learn how to do something we head straight to YouTube along with 93 percent of other millennials.

If your brand has something to teach or products that help solve a problem, then this is where your content needs to be.



Looking to reach new audiences? Go where they grow. 71% of Snapchat’s 300M monthly users are 34 and under, spending an average of 30 minutes or more on content.

Snapchat connects branded content and promos to younger, fresher audiences.



Repeat after us: Twitter is not dead.
Businesses of all sizes use Twitter to connect, support and solve issues with their customers - in fact, a whopping eighty-five percent still take advantage of this powerful platform to share content, thoughts, #MondayMotivations and up-to-date news on their brand.