Frank Ferrante, MIBF

“Natalia and Steffi are the Nostradamus of social media. Their business acumen put me at ease and enabled me to concentrate on the creative aspect of my work. Warren Buffet said that, “the great thing about being rich is that you only have to work with people you like.” I’m glad I didn’t have to wait that long.”

FRANK FERRANTE, May I Be Frank Documentary & Book

Angela Lopez, KW Real Estate

"Their passion and enthusiasm for travel, photography, friendships and their social media business is what drives them to the next mission! They are go-getters and will do anything to ensure you are happy! I trust in their work and in their honesty! Thank you for all the potential you see in my career, future and in myself!"


Gonzalo Eyzaguirre, NSChile

“In partnership with General Stubblebine of the U.S. Army in Natural Solutions Chile, I had the privilege to work side by side with Natalia and Steffi. Talk about energy and a great personalities! Wow! They will go the extra 1000 miles on everything AND accomplish it correctly! They definitely do walk the talk! We had to hire four outstanding professionals to replace all their local and international work!!!"

GONZALO EYZAGUIRRE, Natural Solutions Chile

CJ Bailey, EMK

“Natalia and Steffi have always been intuitive about our company’s needs, goals, and culture. Their attention to detail, character, and drive have made our marketing efforts, effortless. Their authenticity is refreshing and has led to deeper relationships with our clients. After struggling for years to "get into the flow" of social media, Natalia and Steffi are accomplishing what we were dreaming of...authentic relationships with an ever growing client list.”   

-CJ BAILEY, EcoMark Solar